With Certified Paycheck Systems, compliance doesn't have to be complicated.

We give you a choice of ways to simplify your payroll compliance.

User Level Contractor GC GC CM/Municipality
Project Size Any Size < $3 Million $3 to $5 Million > $5 Million
Price Per Project $29/month $250/month $350 /month Call for Pricing
Create and Track Weekly Certified Payroll Reports on Required Forms
Automatic updates to Prevailing Wage Rates
Create and Track Monthly Employment Utilization Reports on State or City Forms
Maintain Employee Files: Hire Dates, Union Affliations, OSHA Cards, and more
Store Insurance Certificates and track expirations
Reports for Minority, Resident, Female, Apprentice Hours in a variety of Formats
Project Labor Cost Reports
Benefit Reporting
2nd Tier Subcontractor Tracking
3rd Tier Subcontractor Tracking
Automatic Error Alerts to Subcontractors
Create Daily Reports and flag any Inconsistencies with Weekly Payroll $10/month $25/month $50/month
Worker Verification N/A $50/month $100/month
Customized Reports/Service
Site Survey N/A $150/ per visit $150/ per visit $150/ per visit
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* Provided all lower tier contractors are enrolled in Certified Paycheck Systems program