With Certified Paycheck Systems, compliance doesn't have to be complicated.

A world-class web host ensures your data security.

Now more than ever, data security is a top priority. When you work with Certified Paycheck Systems, you can be sure that all information about your company, workers and contracts will be carefully guarded.

We use 1&1 Internet Inc., a leader among global web hosting providers, to store our clients’ data. 1&1 is committed to providing top security and reliability. With data centers that have been built from the ground up using the most advanced technology available, 1&1 offers a global network with the strength to withstand all conditions. It’s U.S. data center, located in Kansas, is recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency as a Green Power Partner. Plus, 1&1’s strong relationships with paramount companies, including Parallels and Symantec, offer you the latest in virtual and security software.

With our commitment to security, plus the support of 1&1 Internet Inc., you can sure that your sensitive information will always be in safe hands.